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How to get an Indibvidual Mobiity Grant?

A new programme generation has started, which will provide individual mobility opportunities for the years to come. In the new programme Erasmus+ only organisations can apply for the further education activities of their staff. In case you are a teacher of trainer please contact your internal contacts, who are organising staff training. As in thew previous programme the learning mobilities of KA1 are open for any organisation working in the field of learning within the formal (schools, universities, adult education establishments) or the non-formal (associations, libraries, museums, parents’ organisations) sector or providing informal education.

For the new Individual Grants new budget rules apply. The deadline for submission of applications is 17 March 2014 - for more information please contact your National Agency in charge of the KA1 action. The countries participating in the Erasmus+ programme from 2014-2020 can be found here


Use the following procedure:

1.   Identify the UNEC GRU In-Service course either on the UNEC website or on EU-Xchange

2.   Go to your National Agency‘s website (http://ec.europa/programmes/erasmus-plus/national-agencies_en.htm)  read the information available there and download the valid version of the application form (available at least 1 month prior to the yearly deadline).

3.   Read the guidance documents to be found on your National Agency’s website as well. Check eligibility criteria stated in the application form, and proceed to complete the application form.

4.   Submit your application form before the deadline and send a paper copy signed and stamped to your National Agency also before deadline (postal stamp).

After some weeks you will be notified by your National Agency whether your application was successful or you have to try again next time.

In case you need help in completing the Individual Grant application form please contact Ingrid Wagenhofer, Course Manager of UNEC & UNEC Stars reloaded via e-mail