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What is an In-Service Course?

In-service training activities enable people working in the field of adult learning or school teaching to undertake a training course abroad. Participants should improve their practical teaching, coaching, counselling or management skills and gain a broader understanding of adult learning in Europe.

To receive funding, training must relate to the candidate’s professional activities in any aspect of adult learning, whether formal, non-formal or informal. Relevant topics include:

  • the content and delivery of adult education, in particular course content and teaching methodologies;
  • the accessibility of learning opportunities for adults, in particular for disadvantaged social groups;
  • the management of adult learning, including governance at local and regional level, administration, quality assurance, support services such as counselling and guidance and developing community-based schemes for adult learning;
  • the system/policy-related aspects of adult education including all types of strategic issues, funding models, development of co-operation between providers in the context of learning regions, indicators and benchmarking etc.

Source: European Comission