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UNEC - Stars under the Cobblestones

The In-Service course UNEC - Stars under the Cobblestones has been developed during a Grundtvig 1.1 (multilateral) project, running from 2005-2007. Since then the course has been delivered at least once a year to participants from around Europe.

The aim of the course is

  • partly to help adult educators develop a “toolbox” of skills/competencies to help them work effectively in a multi-cultural setting
  • partly for immersion in a lesser known European language as there are Finnish, Romanian and Dutch

The course was developed by the team of tutors and then tested twice, once at  CVO Deurne, Belgium, 17 - 21 August 2006 and again in Bad Aussee, Austria, 8 - 14 December 2006.

UNEC - Stars under the Cobblestones has been awarded for Quality twice - in 2008 it won the Bronze Award for Quality in Mobility and in 2012 the course received the GINCO Award for Quality Care (1. prize).

We now invite YOU to take part in the experience and join one of our up-coming courses in:

Initiates file downloadUNEC XV,   BAD AUSSEE, Austria       13 - 19 February 2015 (actual course days 14 - 18 February

UNEC Stars reloaded - the follow-up course to UNEC

Or come to the follow-up course UNEC Stars reloaded, if you already participated in one of our previous UNEC courses in:

Initiates file downloadUNEC re IV,  CHANIA, Crete, Greece    12 - 18 October 2014 (actual course days 13 - 17 October)


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