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Awarded for Quality twice

Welcome to UNEC! Awarded twice for qualtiy, UNEC - Stars under the Cobblestones offers innovative and inspiring In-Service training for European teachers and trainers.

The Grundtvig 1.1. multilateral project UNEC aimed to  

  • create a Grundtvig 3 or In-Service course that would improve the intercultural competence of those working in the adult education arena.
  •  promote the teaching of lesser known languages at European level.

The originality of the project is given through:

  • Synthesis of individual international experience of partners
  • Use of the life-story interview method, which allows people to “tell their own story”
  • Skills based on empiric research in the Learning partnership “Developing skills for efficient communication with people from different cultural backgrounds”.
  • Use of short-term language model ..using a lesser known European language. 
  • Topicality of multi-culturalism and European identity in light of new expanded Europe.

UNEC - Stars under the Cobblestones has won the European Grundtvig Bronze Award for Quality in Mobility 2008 and the GINCO Award for Quality Care 2012!

We invite you to take part in the experience and to inhance your intercultural understanding and expertise by becoming a member of the UNEC group. 


What participants say about UNEC:

  • There was every day something, which was useful
  • .. now I understand my students better; I have more empathy for them
  • I was charmed by the methodology used in the Language Supplies
  • This course was a real experience, not only receiving information but really be active as a participant.
  • It's good to have feedback from other teachers, to help you to learn and to cuestion your own practice