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Course Content

Der Trainingskurs “UNEC Stars reloaded” baut auf dem Kurs "UNEC Stars under the Cobblestones" auf und eröffnet erfahrenen Trainer- und LehrerInnen einen intensiven Erfahrungsaustausch über fortgeschrittene interkulturelle Kommunikationprozesse. Der Kurs zielt darauf ab, die interkulturelle Erwachsenenbildung und deren Trainingssysteme weiter zu stärken, indem die TeilnehmerInnen ihre Problemfelder und Bedürfnisse in der Gruppe diskutieren und Lösungen dafür suchen. Anders als im Basiskurs wird der Theorie nur am Rande Aufmerksamketi geschenkt: im Mittelpunkt stehen die Erfahrungen der TeilnehmerInnen, die mit Hilfe von moderierenden Trainerinnen eine gruppenspezifische Kursstruktur entwickeln und eigene Themen einbringen. In der Gruppe werden diese Themen vertieft, Lösungen für schwierige Situationen gesucht und ein Kurs-Kompendium, das alle erarbeiteten Ergebnisse enthält, verfasst.

Da die Kurssprache Englisch ist, sind die weiteren Informationen in dieser Sprache gehalten:

The “UNEC Stars reloaded” training course for advanced intercultural communication processes aims at strengthening intercultural adult education and training systems by helping the educational and training staff to gain ownership of an additional set of complete and comprehensive intercultural communication tools for (and in) a multicultural classroom to meet the challenges of intercultural communication and education in Europe.

The course is addressed to teachers, trainers and staff working in Adult Training Institutions, dealing with intercultural issues and multicultural classrooms, whose principal role is to impart didactic content to multi-(inter)cultural groups and/or classes; Trainers, who are directly involved in instructing others in a multi-cultural classroom and/or who are seeking to acquire greater skills in ensuring the efficient transfer of intercultural knowledge to others.

The language used for the course is English. Advanced level is essential.

The course will take place in Chania, Crete (Greece), in a lovely small family owned hotel, placed only 5 minutes from the sea and close to the historic centre of Chania. Full Board and lodging is provided during the course and timetables will be supplied to facilitate movements in an around Chania and surrounding areas. Finally, information on cultural and tourist activities e.g. Rethymno, Heraklion, will also be provided.

Course Objectives


_ To promote effective and successful transfer of knowledge and competences of/in intercultural communication to others;

_ To use (intercultural) team-building as an instrumental tool in creating synergy in the intercultural training process;

_ To understand the power of motivating multi-cultural groups, and being motivated personally to step into the intercultural realm;

_ To ensure dissemination and effective transfer of didactic contents concerning intercultural communication, beyond the training room and into the workplace.

In addition

_ To foster the communicative and team-building processes within (intercultural) adult   education generally, in order to improve the quality of courses and services on intercultural education on the market

_ To improve communicative and intercultural personnel competences in order to encourage the effective development of working processes, raising the total quality of intercultural educational/ training systems.

At the end of the course the participants will have:

_ exchanged best practices between each other and with the trainers regards the transfer of intercultural knowledge to others;

_ investigated and evaluated new methods of effective transfer of intercultural knowledge;

_ learnt to convert didactic intercultural contents into comprehensible and manageable packages that are coherent with the target multi-cultural learning groups’ abilities;

_ learnt to measure the efficiency of their intercultural knowledge transfer’s effectiveness during the training process itself;

_ appreciated how to foster and encourage enthusiasm and motivation for the learning process in their multi-(inter)cultural target learning group;

_ developed a high degree of intercultural awareness by forging relationships and working together with persons of various cultural origins.


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