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Multicultural Director's Work

In the Learning Partnership "C'Europe on Stage" a director from either Greece, Malta or Austria is directing amateur-actors and actresses and drama students from all partner countries working together on one stage.

This of course requires special skills of Lilia Lytra, Mario Azzopardi and Regina Schreiber as the designated directors of the Forum Theatre performances scheduled. Beside the actual directing they need to overcome the barriers of different languages spoken by their actors and actresses on one side and the audience on the other side.

The project language of course is English, however some learners do not speak and understand this international language as well as necessary, plus the audience should also be in a position to follow the scenes performed and to take part in the true sense of Forum Theatre, why the language used, has to be the language they all understand.

For all these reasons the directors will have to make sure, that scenes are performed and presented in ways, that allow actors and actresses on stage to express themselves according to their roles and at the same time to use languages easily understood by the members of the audience. Luckily Forum Theatre offers wonderful tools and techniques to do exactly that!


Mario Azzopardi (right) with a Maltese student
Regina Schreiber (left) with an Austrian participant
Lilia Lytra (right) at a previous projekt meeting of C'you - C'me