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How the Project develops

The method employed in the realisation of the “C’Europe on Stage” project involves three distinct phases:

The first phase is the research period into an issue prevailing in the host country (e.g. clandestine immigration, ghettos in the head and their social implications, environmental threats and vulnerable citizens). Data and interviews, as well as media reports are collected for investigation and analysis.

The second phase of the project entails the mobility of learners to join the local, hosting group, under the direction of a tutor-animator, who conducts workshops based on the topic identified by the host locality. In the course of one week, the tutor-animator devices/structures a short play, using Forum theatre techniques.

The last part of the project is dedicated to three actual performances, each in a respective partner country. The style implicates the audience directly, as they are encouraged to go on stage and “alter” the roles so as to find different direction/s to the outcome of the issue being presented. The issue is presented to involve actors and spectators both at the local and European level.