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What we aim for

  • Fostering personal contacts with citizens of other EU-Countries and Cultures
  • Developing intercultural competences through formal and informal learning opportunities
  • Sensitising for particularities of other People and Nations
  • Co-operating with organisations from other EU-Countries under the frame of EU-projects
  • Supporting „entrepreneurial“ ideas and projects for Development and Expansion of Relations between EU-Citizens from;
  • - Belgium, Finland, Greece, Great-Britian, Ireland, Latvia, Malta, Romania, u.a.
  • Fostering unique new Business Ideas and Co-operations with members of the Asian-Pacific Region, as there are;
  • - Australia, New Zealand
  • Creating a „meeting place“, where Members, interested Parties and Organisations can exchange Information and get to know each other
  • Optimally connecting professional/ economical Interests with personal Contacts
  • Integrating sports activities e.g. Golf into international Networking for Building and Deepening of (Business)Relations